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The Corinthian Home Buying Journey


Initial Research

You may have come across our developments either through websites, sign signage, press adverts or knowledge of the local area. If you would like to know more about our developments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our sales advisors will be more than happy to assist you in any queries that you may have. Here we will also provide you with a brochure to help inform you decision.


Our sales advisors will start the process of reserving your new home on our online reservation portal “Your Keys”, complete the reservation process in person with a sales advisor or at home. A 10% deposit will be required at this stage. Please be aware until the reservation is completed on the portal your property will not be removed from the Market. You have 28 days from reservation to exchange of contracts and the countdown commences from the date the reservation agreement is completed. We’ll show you the floor plans and layouts at reservation and provide information about fixtures and fittings.

Make contact with your chosen solicitor/conveyancer

Your solicitor or conveyancer will organise all the documentation that’s needed and will look after your interests during the purchase of your new home. Contracts will be sent out to your solicitor. When selecting a solicitor, we suggest that you make sure that they are familiar with new-build home contracts and that they can confirm they will be able to meet your deadlines.  

Arrange a mortgage

If you need a mortgage, you’ll need to complete a formal application as soon as possible after you’ve signed your Reservation Agreement. It may be useful to find a new build financial adviser or mortgage broker to help you gather all the information you’ll need for your application. We have a number of financial advisers who we recommend as they are familiar with the market and are specialists in new build mortgages.

Exchange of contracts

This is the point at which both parties are legally bound to complete the transaction on the agreed terms. Your deposit is protected under the terms of your warranty. If you have any problems meeting the agreed deadlines or if you change your mind during the reservation period, please let us know straight away. If the exchange of contracts doesn’t take place within the agreed period, the Reservation Agreement ends immediately, and your home may be put back on the market.

Notice to Complete

As the construction of your new home nears completion, we’ll let you know when we expect it to be available for you to move in. This is refined when we serve the 28 Day Notice of Intention to Complete. Although we’re confident that this date is accurate, from a legal point of view that date is not fixed until we serve our 5 Working Day Notice to Complete.  This notice means that legal completion must take place within the next 5 working days.

Home Demonstration

We’ll invite you to attend a tour of your new home shortly after receiving your 5 Day Working Notice to Complete. We will demonstrate all its key features to make sure that when you move in, you’ll know where everything is and how everything works. This includes the operation of your central heating and hot water systems, the location of the main switches, electrical consumer units and isolation valves. It also covers how to look after your new home and information about what your warranties and guarantee cover. This is a chance for you to give your new home a check before you move in and will also allow you to ask any questions you may have. We’ll explain what happens on the day you move in and tell you about our aftersales procedures.

Your Home

Once your solicitors confirm that the completion monies have been received, we’ll be able to release the keys. Your meter readings will be taken for water, gas and electricity. You will need to contact them in order to set up the relevant accounts. We’ll also explain to you the details of the warranty for your home and any appliances that have been installed and test the fire alarms to make sure that they are working. We’ll also present you with a Welcome Guide, which contains useful information about your new home and site. You’ll find advice on how to run-in your new home, information on the features of your home and how to look after them, together with details of our customer service procedure – Clixifix .